Gnosall CFRs  

Serving Our Community

Registered Charity 1112651


We buy all of our equipment except for consumables, which are provided by the ambulance service. This equipment is essential to the life saving role we carry out.

But we could not buy all this without the support of our community and during the past year we have purchased a new defibrillator with ECG capabilitiy at a cost of £1,835. The group also carries oxygen, monitors, airway management equipment, dressings and bandages, splints and neck collars as well as a paediatric bag for treating children.

Our responder car

Our new Ford Kuga 4X4 car is kitted out specifically for responding to medical emergencies. The cost of running the vehicle is an average of £2,500 per year. We have all been trained to safely respond using the car on blue lights and sirens. All these costs are met by our charity fundraisers in our community and from a national lotter grant.